Sports Pelleres™ 3.5 (350gm)


The Pelleres™ 3.5 weighted sleeve comes in “go-for-it” green and weighs in at 350 grams or 0.77 pounds, designed to increase abdominal activation.

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When you are training slightly less than maximum, the Pelleres™ 3.5 is the perfect tool to enhance your session. The Pelleres™ 3.5 is recommended for training between 80-95% of maximum effort. Perfect for repeat sets, interval training, or speed endurance.

The Pelleres™ 3.5 is light enough to be used in skill sessions and provides another level of resistance for the muscles that control your fine motor skills and core stabilizer muscle groups.

Pelleres™ 3.5 is the ideal starting weight for incidental activity – wearing them while undertaking normal day-to-day activities and is ideal to wear for longer periods of time.

Pelleres: Weighted sleeve strength training device to increase abdominal activation.

Recommended for:

  • High to medium intensity/ impact activity eg. 80-95% max effort/ speed

  • Sprint drills

  • Skills execution

When you purchase you receive 2 x Pelleres – left and right arm PLUS free membership to our online educational portal for training tips and advice.

Additional information

Weight 0.800 kg
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 9 cm

Small, Medium, Large